May 22, 2017

Cipherboard Announces launch of free end to end encryption app

A quick look at the news shows that mainstream security solutions are just not getting the job done when protecting data and privacy. In exciting news in this area CipherBoard recently launched a new keyboard application for both iOS and Android devices that makes it close to impossible to spy or pull information off of anything typed and sent.
California – May 22, 2017 – While government spying is on everybody’s mind right now, it’s just the most current security distraction to make headlines. Everyone was once angry at the NSA; we were mad at corporate snooping, employers reading personal emails, identity thieves, and hackers. No one can guarantee encrypting your email would protect you from a major government or someone with significant time and processing resources. But it can keep your data safe from people looking to hijack your accounts, reset passwords and then log in as you, steal financial information, or comb through your contacts looking for useful information about you for spear-phishing attacks.
With a massive amount of people accessing their personal emails, banking apps, and diverse social networking communities where privacy is expected through their smartphones, the need for a secure keyboard is often pointed to as one of the largest security flaws the online world faces. With CipherBoardyou can work confidently with business-class security and reliability.
CipherBoard are answering the call for a solution with the recent release of their end-to-end encrypted keyboard on iTunes and at the Google Play store, that allows safe communication across iOS and Android apps. Both versions of the app even can send messages the messaging services themselves cannot open or trace.
“Every day we use our smartphones and tablets to send emails, type notes, write to our loved ones and a long list of other ways, with nearly all of these things we would prefer to keep confidential,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “CipherBoard provides you with the fully functional keyboard app features with added end-to-end encryption across any iPhone or Android app. Now you can have a secure conversation within your favorite email application or Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder or the web. CipherBoard is the first fully encrypted keyboard that you can use across platforms!”
According to CipherBoard, in addition to their keyboard’s world class encryption, easy to use encryption abilities, the new app also delivers powerful predictive text in normal mode, allowing users to type complete sentences with just striking a few keys. A full, fun emoji catalog is also featured to great effect.
Early feedback from users has been completely positive across the board.