May 23, 2017


‘Cipherboard’, an Innovative Free Keyboard App for End-To-End Data Encryption On iOS and Android Devices

May 23, 2017 -
Today, CipherBoard Pte Ltd makes public the availability of its latest app, the CipherBoard. Cipherboard is a keyboard app that provides a secured end-to-end encryption when used for any app on a smartphone.

Concerns have been raised about the inability of mainstream security solutions to provide a fully secured privacy and data protection. In an era of internet and information technology that allows massive private email conversations, online banking, online trade, and various social networking, the privacy of unsuspecting subscribers has often been compromised. Only recently, WhatsApp announced a modification to its privacy policy that will allow sharing of some user data with its parent company, Facebook, another Facebook family, Oculus Rift and Instagram for ad and product purposes.

This happens after users must have accepted its new Terms and Conditions which they do most times without reading it. It will also require users to verify their accounts with their phone numbers and last login, an information that is too vital and personal to be mishandled. Just like human rights, CipherBoard provides users with the needed rights to the privacy of their data by encrypting communication at both ends. 

As a result of continual data violation, top tech companies such as Apple, Google, Snapchat, including social media giants Facebook and Whatsapp are taking additional measures to improve the security in their messaging applications. CipherBoard however stands out as it provides an all-in-one keyboard encryption solution that works across all apps.

It has become more pertinent now than ever to protect one’s personal information. CipherBoard is a user-friendly app that can be installed and used in three easy steps:

1. Set up CipherBoard on your device in the following steps:

• From settings, go to general and ‘add new keyboard’

• From settings, allow full access

• Then select Cipherboard by tap and hold the globe key to switch keyboards to CipherBoard.

2. Send an encrypted message in the following steps:

• First switch to the Encrypt Mode by selecting the ‘Unlock Key’

• Simply type a message after selecting a friend.

3. Decrypt a message in the following steps:

• Simply select the message you want to decrypt and click ‘Copy’

• Your Decrypted message will be displayed on CipherBoard.

Besides the writing and sending encrypted messages with the keyboard app, it comes with other added features such as word prediction, auto-correct and emojis.

To make more inquiries or install the app, please visit the website

It is also available on the iTunes store at or on Google Play for Andriod and tablets at